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Product Description:

  • Add texture and pattern to charms, pendants and metal sheets with this Beadsmith Texturing Hammer with 12 faces
  • This set features a hammer with a lightweight wooden handle to reduce fatigue
  • Inserts stay securely in place during use with threaded collars
  • Ideal for Jewelry Making


Package contains:

  • 1 x Wooden Hammer
  • 8 x Textured Stainless Steel Heads (Wide Circles, Wide Stripes, Crosshatch, Dots, Thin Circles, Narrow Stripes, Checkered Weave)
  • 4 x Smooth Heads for Flattening Metal (Flat in nylon & stainless steel, Domed in nylon & stainless steel designed for use on non-ferrous metals)

Texturing Hammer With 12 Faces

庫存單位: HAM010
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