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We offer a range of workshops available for private booking.

Whether it's in our studio, a space of your own for a small or large group, just let us know your requirements and we will be happy to tailor a workshop specifically to your individual needs.


Come join us! And find your passion! 

We provide a variety of workshop from wire craft and jewelry making, to weaving and paper quilling. There is something for all. 


We will show you step by step techniques and a range of skills on how to make flowers, décor, jewelry for your home or as a gift for a friend. With a little techniques and a little creativity! You will find the infinite possibility in the world of craft. 


Our workshops can easily be changed to suit the size of your group, location or time limit, just let us know your requirements and we will be happy to arrange a workshop tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Workshop fee covers all materials and tool rental

  • Participants are free to schedule their classes anytime between 10:00-20:00



French Beading Flower is a combine craft of wire and beads. The flowers are intricately handcrafted through beading and sculpting thousands of tiny beads into works of art, capturing the essence of flower, forever. This art was originated from Europe in early 1500's or earlier, using its techniques in creating wreath, décor for their love ones. As time passes and the craft evolve, many artists develop their own techniques in combining with the olds, allowing these art become more exquisite and everlasting.

Flower Décor 

This workshop is designed to teach students how to create flower décor using french beading techniques, as well as to understand the concept to designing your own variations of French flowers.

Hair Pieces 

With a single wire and thousands of tiny beads through sculpting and shaping into tiny flowers, creating into different beautiful hair pieces. From color to flower, size and style can be design by your choice.  


Wire jewelry is an art pass down by the ancients, a craft using wire and manipulate into shapes and form in creating beautiful art jewelry. The beauty of this handmade craft is no welding or other technical tools are required, only a pair of hand and a simple cutter can do its job. Due to wire’s flexibility, designs can be full of infinite possibilities.

This workshop is designed to teach students how to create crystal jewelry using wire wrapping & weaving techniques, as well as to understand the concept in designing your own pieces.

At the end of this workshop, students will be able to create simple jewelry to wear day to day. 

Wire Weaving Jewlery


Wire Wrapping Jewlery






Macramé, mean ornament fringe or strip towel in Arabic word. People believe it is originate in 13th century, Arab weaver. This handmade craft is created with knot tying, using different knots making patterns, layering and fascinating design with rope and strings.  


This workshop is designed to teach students using macramé techniques to create and design pieces. You can choose to make wall décor, plant hanger, dream catcher and more






Paper Quilling a fun craft using scissor and paper in making 3D art work. It is suitable for all age

It is easy and fun!!! 


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